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A happy little bee to say I love you

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

I can see the rain outside the windows of our little shop in the Valley, and it reminded me of some sweet memories. Today seems like a good day to share something like that.

See that cute little bee in the photo? It is part of the cover of a book made for me in 1997 by a very cute little girl. Inside the book, she wrote a story about an adventure we had one day, and she surprised me with it out of the blue.

Today, that book is one of my 3 most important possessions: I know this because there are only three physical items listed in my will, and it is one of them.

A stranger might say that it's just a bit of paper, some ink, and a little glue, but what it really is, is an enthusiastic "I love you!" hug every day when I see it. It is a warm feeling of being connected to a special person - which is important because I don't get to see that girl every day any more.

Now is exactly the time to deploy the confetti

This book is one of the pieces of inspiration that led to the birth of Juneau Paperworks. I wanted to bring people joy and connection and help them reach out to their loved ones - and I didn't want it to have to be expensive.

So I took what I had on hand (lots and lots of paper) and what brought me joy (also lots and lots of paper!), and I started offering it to others.

I know that confetti doesn't fix the big things, but here's what it does do for me: When I carefully prepare a gift to send to my sister or add some boot cut outs to a card for my best friend, I am showing love instead of saying it. I get the joy of springing a pleasant surprise, and I hope that they get an enthusiastic (although, sadly, virtual) "I love you" hug every time they touch the paper.

- Mary