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Fun Facts About Mother's Day

Updated: May 8, 2020

This Sunday, May 10th, is Mother's Day in the United States.

Mother's Day has such an interesting history! Here are 5 things I found out about the big day while researching this post:

  1. Mother's Day was proposed by Anna Jarvis, in honor of her mother, a woman who campaigned for peace and treated casualties on both sides of the American Civil War.

  2. Mother's Day is celebrated in the United States on the 2nd Sunday in May - so, depending on the year, it happens some time between May 8th and May 14th.

  3. The first U.S. state to recognize Mother's Day was West Virginia.

  4. Mother's Day became a national holiday in America in 1914, and it is celebrated in one form or another on various days in nearly every country in the world.

  5. The President who made Mother's Day a national holiday is the same President who instituted the modern U.S. income tax - Woodrow Wilson.

Wherever you are and whoever you are with, I hope you have a safe and happy Mother's Day!