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Juneau Black Bear Chalkboards exclusively at Ben Franklin

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Big announcement: At the beginning of July, we placed our Juneau Black Bear Chalkboards exclusively at the Juneau Ben Franklin Store downtown. As a reminder, Scott made the chalkboards completely from scratch, and he created the Black Bear logo on it. I designed the vinyl decal that we added to the bottom.

Instead of keeping them on our Juneau Paperworks storefront, Scott and I agree that we want to concentrate on our core product line, Alaskonfetti gift and party supplies, right now.

So, once the decision was made, I talked it over with Meagan at Ben Franklin's (full disclosure: we're related!), and she was excited by the idea of having a locally made decor item available for her customers. Her Alaska-made section has a wonderful variety of items; I'm especially partial to the dark chocolate Sitka Crunch made by Theobroma!

In the future, we plan to have more woodworking projects showcasing Scott's love of hand work, but for now, I hope you will stop by the Juneau Ben Franklin Store and check out their Alaska products display!



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