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Juneau inspires me

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

On a recent day off, I headed downtown to take care of a few family errands. Walking downhill from my parking spot on Seward and turning onto Front Street, I enjoyed the sensation of being in my favorite place in the world. Though some of the store fronts were dark, and others had newly installed desks and plexiglass barricades, I found myself exchanging nods and greetings and smiley-eyes-over-masks with folks.

Since I have been trying do more of my purchases at local stores and restaurants, I headed over to South Franklin - it feels weird for this Juneau girl talk about wanting to troll the wares on South Franklin, but there you have it!

I especially enjoy the shops in the Senate Building; there’s so much variety and color … which is how I came to be talking to Janice McCann at Harbor Tea & Spice. Her shop carries a lot of Alaskan products, and I couldn’t resist some of the Chugach Chocolate and a variety pack of some of her custom tea blends. We chatted about the challenges of having a business in Juneau right now, and she gave me some great advice.

Her pep talk was so energizing that I was inspired to create a new mix. With her permission, I called it Harbor Tea & Spice Confetti. It has a gorgeous cream and red foil damask as the pattern on the “china” – a teapot and matching set of cups – and coordinating pink and red spoons and tea leaves.

I can’t even tell you how much fun it is to look at our products and think about the great experiences that inspired their designs!

Southeast Sneakers came from a childhood full of stomping through puddles and looking at all the critters in tide pools.

Spruce Moose Confetti reminds me of a young coworker who filled the freezers at her and her parents’ houses with her first moose.

And, Inside Passage makes me smile to think of my niece working at the Ben Franklin Store – and hope for a better 2021 season.

Warm memories fill up my heart every time I’m in our little shop, and my goal for our products is to be there with you as you make your own warm memories of life in Southeast Alaska -