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Juneau Inspires Me, Again

The inspiration behind today's post came from Carrie Amott, the wonderfully talented Juneau artist who created our logos for the company and our product line Alaskonfetti. Carrie did such a fantastic job of taking my weird, disconnected ideas and turning them into stunning designs.

I was OK with the old logo that I splashed together in Canva (not an affiliate link), whose free graphic design tools are such a gift for new small businesses. But you can really see the touch of a professional with the “after” version of our logo in this graphic:

Our logo before and after Carrie's work

I want to highlight Carrie's work by telling you about the ideas I asked her to incorporate.

A torn-paper mountain. One of the things I really liked about our old logo was that the background looked like a mountain, but I had actually used a stock picture of torn paper to create the silhouette. The direct connection between my passion – paper – and Juneau was a must-keep. Carrie turned a photo of a torn piece of cardstock into a skyline.

Flowers to tie it together. I love making gift and party supplies, and I intend to make a wide variety of them for years to come. But my dream for Juneau Paperworks is that it will grow beyond that niche, which is why our confetti, gift tags and (nearly ready!) other gift-related products are grouped into the Alaskonfetti product line. The decisions I’m making now are shaped by the fact that we will eventually have multiple product lines. So, I asked Carrie to incorporate a forget-me-not into all of our designs.

Squishy feely stuff. Then, I decided to make things really difficult for Carrie: I told her that the company is founded to help people to forge deep connections, embrace joyful living, and foster contentment. So, you know, if she could just include all of that in the new logo design as well ...

I tried to make things as easy as possible. In the design process, I gave Carrie feedback asking for things like – and this is a direct quote – “a bold feeling but also a delicacy to the lines.” Pro that she is, Carrie made me feel like that comment was super helpful.

Just so you know, Carrie gave me permission to include her name here, but this is not a paid advertisement of any kind. I just love her work, and it was such a pleasure to see the way she brought my ideas to life.

Our artists are one of the things that make Juneau such an inspiring place to be, and I hope that you have a chance to support them by purchasing their work or hiring them. Even if you don't have an art budget, though, you can still enjoy the beauty they bring to our community and to our lives.



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