• Juneau Paperworks

We had a Pop Up Shop - and it was awesome!

If I had to list the Top 10 Things I Never Expected to Do, I'd have to say that selling confetti next to a person selling parsley starts would have to be pretty high on it. But, friends, I would have been wrong because Juneau Paperworks had our first Pop Up Shop this summer, and I was right next to a vegetable garden lady.

Why do a pop up?

Although we mainly plan to operate through JuneauPaperworks.com, I felt like we were also ready to get out and meet customers face-to-face. After all, our products are all about relationships: presents and parties are really just ways to say you care!

Of course, as a new business, I wasn't sure anyone would actually show up, but Scott and I decided to just get out there and try.

Since most of the very low-key advertising would be focused on the plant sale I was set up next to, I kept my expectations low and set a goal of making one sale. I mean, who goes to a plant sale and then buys confetti?

Wait - what have I gotten myself into?!

Then, we had to get ready! Even a tiny event like our temporary shop takes a lot of planning. Like everyone in retail right now, my first priority was to make sure that any visitors would be safe, so we set up outside and wore masks and gloves. With a tall display, a wide table, and some thoughtful placement, it actually ended up being a snap to keep 6 feet of distance while also being able to hold a conversation.

Over the course of the four hour show, dozens of people stopped in to visit - and some people left with confetti and tomato starts! Not a combination I expected, but it just goes to show that when you do new things, you learn new things.

People were so genuinely interested in the products, and so friendly and supportive of a person trying to start a new business right now! I was truly surprised by the amount of Harbor Tea & Spice Confetti that went to new homes that day. I was also surprised by how much fun I had.

So, to celebrate a really great day, I decided to offer a promo code through the end of July to blog subscribers: type in POPUPFUN when you check out for 25% off your entire order.

Thanks, Juneau, for being so kind and supportive - it was a terrific day, and I'm glad we decided to put ourselves out there.

I hope that something in your summer is exceeding your expectations in a good way, too!