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R&D and D and D ...

The last month has been an incredibly creative and fun time for me: I've prototyped several new products, and they are so cute! I cannot wait to show them all to you: the treat bags, the paper birdhouse kits, the kelp and starfish lanterns ...

However, I have discovered one of the downsides of entrepreneurship: design isn't over until you can sell the product. That gem came to me from my big sister, Barb, who is an amazing businesswoman and a key member of my creative support team.

Adorable prototype paper beach bag

The Process

Barb dropped that truth-bomb on me because I was complaining to her that I just wanted to make pretty things so people can have happy memories of parties and gifts, but I was stuck working on dorky stuff like packaging.

Seriously, I'm am having the worst time getting a secure package for my FAVORITE new product: a paper beach bag. It is the incredibly cute style in the photo here and will go into our Alaskonfetti line of gift and party supplies.

It is so frustrating! I spent weeks tweaking the design, and I can now manufacture a solid product in a reasonable amount of time. When I finally figured out the last production issue - adhesives; in this business, it's always adhesives - I thought I was done and these were ready to head out the door.

Then: bam, I realized that my first packaging idea wasn't going to work. Neither would the second, or third. I am in the process of making sets of 4 - I think they'll be fantastic additions to a Zoom party! - which comes out to a very strange, non-standard size. And, since our products are delicate, the packaging is really tricky.

I told Barb all of this, and what do you think she told me? "It's not a product until you can sell it."

Like I said, truth-bombed. It doesn't matter how hard I've worked on something, how much I love it, or all the reasons I believe in it: my creation isn't a product until someone can buy it.

I'll find the balance of the right protection, price, and materials for packaging the Beach Bags (and all the other new items), and when I do, these are going to be SO much fun for everyone. But for now, it's back to the package-drawing-board: I've got some adorable beach bags to wrap up and get ready to head to new homes.

And, if you have a great supplier of recycled or sustainable packaging for weirdly-sized, delicate items, send me their information! In the meantime, enjoy the coupon TRUTHBOMB for 25% off your order before August 31, 2020 :)

Hope you are staying happy and safe out there -


P.S.: Drop me a message at mary@juneaupaperworks.com if you'd like to talk to me about getting some custom made Beach Bags to hold treats, toiletries, or other customer premiums for your business!