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Why confetti?

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Confetti has a lot of advantages when it comes to celebrating life's special moments. Because people naturally want to pick it up, it changes a visual experience into one with a tactile layer. Small and light, it packs easily for travel to an event or as a part of a gift headed to a loved one. Because Alaskonfetti is a small, local brand made in micro-batches, it has the extra benefit of being more special than a mass-produced plastic confetti.

Plus, it never has to be washed and a sweet design doesn't count as carbs!

Instagramable Inspiration

Confetti makes an inexpensive, versatile addition to your photo kit. It can be the single element subtly uniting a suite of wedding photos, or a tool to add variety when you need to differentiate similar scenes.

If you manage a brand, a splash of confetti gives you another marketing tool for a very reasonable price. One of my out-of-state customers uses her custom confetti to liven up the boxes she ships to her customers. Because it is custom, she knows that none of her competitors has anything like it.

Socially Distant Celebrations

Right now, a lot of us can't get together the way we want, and we crave connection and meaningful interaction. We want to do more than text "You're on my mind, and I miss you like crazy."*

If you are like me, you are sending more actual USPS mail, including gifts to people who can't have the parties they planned. Confetti is an easy way to liven up a gift presentation into something really special. It's an unexpected laugh, just when you least expected it - imagine opening up a present and seeing a gang of bears or moose in the tissue paper, and knowing that someone took the time to do that for you!

Alaskonfetti is just a little bit of paper - but it has a big job!

- Mary

*Although, that's a good text that most of us would want to get; feel free to copy it!