Harbor Tea & Spice Confetti

Harbor Tea & Spice Confetti

Time for a Juneau-inspired tea party!

I love the fun shops in Downtown Juneau, and Harbor Tea & Spice is one of the funnest!  So, naturally, the confetti mix they inspired is both fun and classy - matching teapots and cups in a beautiful foil damask paper, paired with spoons and two different tea leaves to enjoy at your next tea party. Use as table scatter, add to letters and cards, or let your imagination go wild!


Approximate size: teapots (2" wide), cups (1" tall), spoons (1-1/4" long), tea leaves (1" tall).


    This confetti mix has 75 pieces:

    • 5 teapots and 10 cups in damask foil cardstock (white on reverse side)
    • 10 spoons in solid core cardstock, textured on one side
    • 50 tea leaves in untextured solid core cardstock

    Locally made in Juneau, Alaska.


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