Handmade Gift Boxes

Handmade Gift Boxes

A Soap Opera Box!

In the soaps - don't judge me! - no one ever rips wrapping paper off of a present. There's always a beautiful box with a lid that they lift off. Yes, our gift boxes are inspired by all that cheesy goodness.


Made completely from scratch, no two of these boxes are completely alike. Each comes with a large handmade bow. This is a beautiful and practical presentation for a small gift.


Ordering information: Each photo contains a letter; to purchase a box, select the letter in the dropdown box. If the letter does not display in the dropdown box, this bag has already been purchased but the photo hasn't yet been removed. Local orders only; these products are not available for shipping.


Approximate dimensions: 6-3/8" tall x 6-1/2" wide x 6-1/2" deep


BOXES sold empty; any items with them in photos are props.


    Our products are delicate, so we accept order cancellations and provide refunds before the product is shipped or picked up. Once a paper product is out of our hands physically, no refunds are available, but contact us at juneaupaperworks@gmail.com if there is a problem with your order so we can make it right.


    Local delivery available in 1-3 days.

    Sorry, but these products are not available for shipping.


    Package contains 1 box.

    Boxes are constructed from some or all of the following: cardstock, paper, poster board, and glue. Bows may also contain decorative elements such as stickers or brads; bows are attached to the boxes by glue.

    Colors may vary from photo due to variations in paper stock from manufacturers. Due to limited availability of paper, prints may only be available once.

    Locally made in Juneau, Alaska.

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