Skinny Notebooks

Skinny Notebooks

Handmade Custom Notebooks

No two of these homemade notebooks are exactly alike. They start their lives as flat pieces of paper and chipboard, then they transform into something that is So. Darn. Cute! Plus, they are refillable - what's not to love about these little gems?!


Each Skinny Notepad has a pocket on the left cover and comes with a pad of paper. Please note that the pads of paper may not be made by Juneau Paperworks at this time (but they will be soon!).



    Notebooks are constructed from paper, cardstock, and chipboard. Closures may have cotton cord, ribbon, or metal and/or plastic components. Colors may vary from photo due to variations in paper stock from manufacturers.

    Notebooks are approximately 7 inches tall with widths between 2 and 3 inches.

    Hand made in Juneau, Alaska.


    Local delivery available in 1-3 days.
    USPS orders shipped from Juneau, AK, in 1-4 days by First Class or Priority Mail, as selected during checkout.


    Our products are delicate, so we accept order cancellations and provide refunds before the product is shipped or picked up. Once a paper product is out of our hands physically, no refunds are available, but contact us at if there is a problem with your order so we can make it right.