Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I see a picture of a product style that is no longer available; can I get one?

A: Maybe; the materials we use often are only available in limited quantities. Drop us an email through our Contact Us page, and Mary will look into it.

Q: Can I work with you directly to develop a custom product?

A: Yes - we love working with people to bring their ideas to life! We charge a one-time fee on top of the cost of any final product; this covers meeting by phone and up to two rounds of prototypes. The cost of the final product will depend on its complexity and the materials we put into it. So Contact Us, and let's get started!

Q: How does Juneau delivery work?
A: You select it during checkout, and Mary will call or email you to set up the detail.

Q: I'm having a confetti emergency! Can I get an order filled faster?
A: Contact Mary directly through the Contact Us page before your order. If we can meet your deadline, we will. There will be an extra $10 fee if your order is custom or requires extra design work.


Q: Is your packaging recyclable in Juneau? Is it compostable?
A: Our packages consist of clear plastic bags and plain cardstock.


Plain cardstock is recyclable in Juneau. It is compostable, but due to its thickness, it is unlikely to compost in less than 6 months in your home compost.

The bags are made of a plant based product called PLA which is not recyclable but is compostable in commercial facilities that can reach 140F.

Q: Are your products recyclable in Juneau? Are they compostable?
A: The short answer is that most of our products are recyclable in Juneau and many are compostable. Only our glitter and metallic papers have to be landfilled.

The longer answer:

Anything made of plain cardstock (so, nothing glossy, glitter, or metallic) is just thick paper and can be recycled in your regular pickup or at the recycling center. It is compostable, but due to its thickness, it is unlikely to break down in your home compost. So, almost all of our confetti, gift tags, etc. are recyclable and compostable in Juneau, but they may not be practical in a home compost.

Some of our cardstock has a decorative foil or a glossy surface. Usually this kind of paper uses non-plastic additives to give it that shine, but sometimes it has a thin plastic coating. These papers can be recycled in Juneau, but we have not been able to confirm whether they should be composted. So, to be conservative, we recommend recycling instead of trying to compost it.

Any glossy paper that you cannot tear easily likely has a thin plastic layer; these should go to the landfill.  

Glitter and metallic cardstock should be landfilled in Juneau. For example, this applies to products like the "Mom" in the Mother's Day Mix (but the hearts are plain cardstock).

If your question isn't answered here, please Contact Us, and Mary will reply as soon as possible!